Stream of consciousness #2.

I want no approximations, just the raw emotion, will do, in fact; anything raw will do, I have just fallen in love with you, so no approximations will do.

Creative Destruction.

In the last in a series of posts to this site, I want to write about a concept of creative practice and art in general. An approach called creative destruction.


Today, being at Mass was refreshing; hearing the Priest talk was wholesome and rewarding.


Loss of a loved one from your life can be difficult, hard to put it mildly.

From a perspective of ‘gain’ in a relative sense, I can say that loss and the grief that follows can be a wholly traumatic experience. 


For a long time now I have been craving the creation of new things. Real things and not the creation of anything in the abstract; like philosophy, which i’m used to. I have been to the book shops and have bought many books, books, which I try to read but usually get something from theContinue reading “Allegory”


I have been stimulated to write a little for myself this evening and in recent days. On various topics, but the word: Advocacy, stands out for me. As a word and a thing, to be loved. I am looking for inspiration you see, to develop my artistic practice and work in new ways and alsoContinue reading “Advocacy”