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For a long time now I have been craving the creation of new things. Real things and not the creation of anything in the abstract; like philosophy, which i’m used to.

I have been to the book shops and have bought many books, books, which I try to read but usually get something from the first number of pages and then leave it down, to move on to the next book or article, without really taking away anything of the actual creation which is in front of me.

To create something meaningful, even if it is writing or a picture of something natural, or something, is my aim. But I have the ideology, that first I must take in information, the create following some special impetus.

I have proven very good at creating things and pictures of interest in the past, but now, it’s different; I’m alone and have few social outlets in the physical sense apart from social media etc, for anything ‘creative’.

Perhaps, I must be honest my self esteem has been hit gradually over time, with lack of meaningful social engagement and little creative output in the social sphere. But I am willing to change and to change things around those issues. I do love engagement with others: so say little about something so great!

I am finding that each day I write, I gain a little more confidence in challenging and tackling difficult but meaningful issues in my life. Such a development can only be positive!

So, allegory; I am sure I have used the word in the past meaningfully. I will try to retrace my steps a bit, and hey, just as I write this I am thinking of S. Heaney the Poet from my part of the world. He used the word allegory a bit in his excellent works. So hey I have a starting point again, a starting point of influence and respect for such a word.

Allegories are usually related to Religion and Religious iconography. I suppose to develop a sense of meaning for the word, I should show a little appreciation for the use allegories have had in the past. I am recently back from a journey in Northern Italy where Art was wonderful and allegories plentiful.

Michelangelo’s ‘David’. 1501-1504, Galleria dell’Accademia Florence, Italy.




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