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Two photos under the Belfast hills.

Taken this evening, as we in Belfast relish a few good-weather-day's; red sky at night.... These are two photographs taken minutes apart, as the sun sets over Belfast this evening. I particularly needed to venture out in-to the park this evening to see if I could get a few photographs made. It has been a … Continue reading Two photos under the Belfast hills.

Approaching: Spring & Summer.

I feel a sense of anticipation; a sense of excitement at the prospect of the approaching Spring and Summer this year! This is not only because I will be able to get out and about in the world, taking photographs and gaining inspiration for other art works'. I have also missed going out at the … Continue reading Approaching: Spring & Summer.

Two Paintings.

Above are two very recent but entirely differing Painting's I have made using canvas and Oil Paint. The first: 'Love', was created with a brand new painting brush 2 inches thick. Using multiple layers of paint of the same consistency, but different colours, it was painted in a very uniform and relaxed way, to highlight … Continue reading Two Paintings.

Oil Painting (with impressions)

      This evening, I had the rush of idea's normally associated with creativity.  It's been a while since I've painted so many little paintings in one go. Inspired by some printmaking and recent BBC Documentaries on Civilisations, I chose to get painting again. All paintings above have been created as 'impressions' made from … Continue reading Oil Painting (with impressions)

Insight & Organisation; Understanding & Comprehension.

If we were given the powers to organise ourselves in society (which I think that we are), what is the ultimate way to organise our selves? Today, in the UK we generally live in an information society. As such the study and love of language has for me has become key to understanding much about … Continue reading Insight & Organisation; Understanding & Comprehension.

On Integrity

Integrity is a crucial thing, that should never be messed with in/by an individual Artist. Or, is this the case at all. In the context of art I think that integrity should be interrogated as often as necessary. Why, you may ask, should the integrity of something like art be interrogated at all; were, often … Continue reading On Integrity

On Narrative.

On Narrative in Art. This is a hard one to grapple with as narrative can and should be open and changeable for each piece of Art.  Following on from yesterdays article on works of art, I would like to say a few words about the subject or word narrative, in the context of art. Artistic … Continue reading On Narrative.