Short-#Film alert.

“Merging City Scapes, with Aesthetic Judgement, in a cyclical response”


#Solidarity #Love.

Product titles: Photographs.

With the aid of a new light room studio, I made these few photographic product lines today. ‘The Essential Spike Milligan’, ‘Bonjela’ and ‘Remington’.

Letting Nature take its course (Writing as therapy).

This effort in writing has been helpful, I do hope whoever may read it comes to the understanding that, while I am very serious about the matters discussed, there is a genuine difference in expressing thoughts, and actually behaving in such a way, and then carrying through something which one may regret.

#Salzburg & The Sound of Music Tour.

These are the finest photographs I have taken on my Mobile phone camera, during a recent trip to Salzburg, Austria and while on the official Sound of Music tour.