Approaching: Spring & Summer.

I feel a sense of anticipation; a sense of excitement at the prospect of the approaching Spring and Summer this year! This is not only because I will be able to get out and about in the world, taking photographs and gaining inspiration for other art works'. I have also missed going out at the … Continue reading Approaching: Spring & Summer.

On Integrity

Integrity is a crucial thing, that should never be messed with in/by an individual Artist. Or, is this the case at all. In the context of art I think that integrity should be interrogated as often as necessary. Why, you may ask, should the integrity of something like art be interrogated at all; were, often … Continue reading On Integrity

On Narrative.

On Narrative in Art. This is a hard one to grapple with as narrative can and should be open and changeable for each piece of Art.  Following on from yesterdays article on works of art, I would like to say a few words about the subject or word narrative, in the context of art. Artistic … Continue reading On Narrative.

Stream of consciousness #2.

I want no approximations, just the raw emotion, will do, in fact; anything raw will do, I have just fallen in love with you, so no approximations will do. Ghosts from our collective past swarm, overwhelming me, the deepness worries me, as it gets so dark down here, only light may shine through, subtle, infusing, … Continue reading Stream of consciousness #2.

Creative Destruction.

In the last in a series of posts to this site, I want to write about a concept of creative practice and art in general. An approach called creative destruction. Above is a picture I took while on a bus in Belfast. It's of rain on the window of the bus with the lights illuminating … Continue reading Creative Destruction.