“The limits of my language, means the limits of my world”.

This sentence means the world to me. Although it is from a man who died over fifty years ago, it is extremely fresh and stimulating for me and his’ many other readers.

For me: “The limits of my language, means the limits of my world” is and always will be rich in meaning, like the remainder of his book; Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

I understand this sentence, a little like this: it may be broken up to clearly understand what sense can be gained from it, as a whole statement about language. So, “the limits of my language…” means to me; all of the words, data, images and ideas (not to restrict this theory) known to me, and all that will be known to me, through these sense ‘information’, for all time.

The remainder of the quote: “…means the limits of my world”, can mean to me; that the ‘information’ within language, draws the beginning and end of one’s world (reality) in an extremely ‘information’ sensitive way.

Now, I’m glad I have written this explanation down, as I can work it and rework it like poetry in the future.


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