Stream of consciousness; first-piece, #1.


I feel a natural budding of new thoughts and ideas in my mind again.

Life is quite fluid.

Thoughts are fluid things.

Ideals are hard and narrow.

This is how I feel.

“In the everything goes and constant flow of the world.”

But still, the continuum exists.

It’s not spring, but nearing winter, but the spring is alive, within me.

God, this practice of streaming consciousness is fine & liberating!

To mind my anyway, no not my body.

My body is fine and my mind is re-gaining strength.

Negativity surrounds me. And life is re-kindling.

Bliss, it must follow this….

Role reversal in body ‘n’ mind.

Nothing ‘airy-fairy’ about this; I have come a long way now, and need/deserve rest.

forging new narratives…

there’s nothing more natural in the world.