New Work: November 2019

‘Fragments’ is the title I have given to this body of photographic-art work – for 2018-19. The work I have produced revolves around personal sense of self and my own relationship with the world around me in general. But it also revolves around my own sense of self and individuality in the world too. From family connections and history through to my own understanding of the place I live and have connection with.

Fragments, is also the title I have given to support the viewer and reader of the work, to understand that the work has been produced by an individual Artist grappling with and negotiating the space inhabited by the issue of mental ill health.

Through this web-site exhibit: ‘Fragments’, the ‘personal’ is also studied, as an evolving world or state of affairs linked to a personal period of Psychosis.

In this sense there is much catharsis in my work. Catharsis which I hope sheds light on the issue of mental ill health in the UK, just as much as any other source of information scientific or general. The work is far from gloomy, it, in a real sense relies on and regards the Psychosis as a contingent part of the formation of the body of work displayed here. And the photographic work, shed light on the world itself.

Out of the work, a stand out feature is the way the photographs can describe and ‘picture’ a state of affairs (in the world) which is distinct from and indeed framed by the unique composition within the photograph it self. As a result, I hope that the work gives you a real sense of my world as I have witnessed it; as ‘fragments’  of a whole.



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