I just attended a very exciting & stimulating talk on Friday evening, by Professor Anil Seth, as part of this years NI Science Festival. .Inspiring Deep, Philosophical (and scientific) reflection on the subject of Professor Anil Seth’s talk, regarding the complex and evolving subject of #consciousness no less!

I Also purchased Seth’s new “Hugely-Important” book: ‘Being You; A New Science of Consciousness’ – from No Alibis Bookstore Belfast .#NISciFest at #themaclive #Belfast #visual-#science the #Mind #Being #creatives #community

Early Saturday morning, I plan to nurture this new learning-experience first hand, by going to the linked, immersive-experience of #DREAMACHINE, located in Belfast’s Carlisle Memorial Church, Carlisle Circus, Belfast

For more information, see: https://nisciencefestival.com/events/dreamachine-unboxed-2022.https://dreamachine.world/2022/08/11/open-in-belfast/.

by Anil Seth
Dreamachine, Carlise Memorial Church, Belfast, UK

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