In the course of my life, I find it best to remain positive, but this can be extremely difficult at times.

Living with symptoms of Schizophrenia, I personally find life very (emotionally) confusing. But, the positive thing for me to say about confusion is that it can pass.

I love things again; I thought this might not be the case ever again.

When you are given a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, in a sense it’s meant to be a little bit of closure, I think anyway; on the symptoms you may have been experiencing as part of a certain state of psychosis.

Despite this diagnosis, I have been able to engage and complete a number of lifetime goals of mine, which I would not have been able to do without help and support. I have been receiving professional-help from NHS services, in my home town now for nearing seven years.

Alone, one individual in the society and world-connected, inter-connected world we live in, would certainly have been impossible for me alone. I guess, I did try to deal with my new sense of ‘deluded reality’ within psychosis on my own for long enough, prior to looking for (and obtaining!) help for myself.

My attempts at remaining positive and optimistic when I was alone (with signs of psychosis); trying to make sense of my reality in all the ways I could try. My attempts were in vain. But they were not futile. I did seek help for my life.

Rekindling interests and loves’ is not always the best way, or the most positive way, to recovery from psychosis; for many people, their burning state of true reality consumes any sense of life they wish to lead. This state ends with self suicide. But as I have knowledge of this state, at least mentally, a state of seeking suicide of one’s self. I can say that I have a lot to teach and advocate to others in a similar ‘phase’ of their life with or without psychosis.

Or do I have anything to give? This is a burning question for me now. I have gained a great deal of help and support from my health professionals and my family and friends. But, I do have a wish to give something back.

Negative stereotypes still live in my own mind, nevermind other peoples. So in a way when I let negative stereotypes overcome my positive self, I am giving-in to negativity, but most importantly I find it’s out of a state of unacknowledged ignorance to the facts of Schizophrenia or myself’, that negativity is let thrive.

Schizophrenia is something to be frightened of, it’s life/reality changing. But not unsurpassable.

Early awareness and help is important. But not as important as having a good memory for positive things in your life, things you once loved can actually prove cathartic: So I believe.

If anyone reading this would like further information, please follow the links to professional sites and reliable information.

If anyone reading this would like to know more about my history with Psychosis, please let me know; as I have a professionally motion picture made, I can share with you!








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