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A Winter’s Walk

Music by Einaudi and Photos by Doherty. A Winter’s Walk.

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Is it perhaps when we are, as humans, most vulnerable and under strain, that we can use a narrative or story we have encountered our past, through language?

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Writing as therapy.

If there is one thing which can be said, it is that I am still alive and that matters!

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Letting Nature take its course (Writing as therapy).

This effort in writing has been helpful, I do hope whoever may read it comes to the understanding that, while I am very serious about the matters discussed, there is a genuine difference in expressing thoughts, and actually behaving in such a way, and then carrying through something which one may regret.

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Architecture of Culture; #CNBX.

#cnbx @culturenightbel 21st September 2018.

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of exhibiting ‘Vernazza’ Italy in @establishedcoffee , as part of culture night. Along side great photographs from @belfastphotofactory .

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Vernazza, Italy, 20th July 2017.

SHOWING IN CULTURE NIGHT BELFAST 18, THIS FRIDAY!     As part of The Belfast Photo Factory; my work will be exhibited during #CNBX| Established Coffee – 54 Hill Street #Belfast! Come along + enjoy! Follow the links: ‘Vernazza‘ New Work: Sat 16th November 2019

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‘Smithfield & Union’; Belfast, UK.

Photo-essay (part).

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‘We are busy making things better’, Photo-Essay.

Belfast, UK. ‘We are busy making things better’ (Photo-Essay): Photographs of the city centre, surrounding the destruction of Bank Buildings (Primark).

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‘What is different?’

What is different? – in photography, this statement and question has come recently to mean quite a great deal to me.