I am trying to articulate titles for my photographic works.

One of the main themes of my work and my conception of my work, in general is; to show through my work the architects of landscape, the landscape in-front of my lens.

One example is: ‘How to read a public park’:

This is a short-film of ‘the giant’s ring’ in Lisburn, N. I.

Being well kept and sculptured in such a way, as to elicit an almost aesthetic love of the place, through the central and long-established historical artifact of the Megalithic tomb shown here.

  • Why was this space preserved, even manufactured in its’ design, and by whom?
  • What influence has this site had on other public spaces, through the years, in N.I.?
  • Like architecture and other things designed, what message is this space meant to carry?

These are just some pertinent questions which have taken hold of me, because I have now photographed this site, and as such I have chosen to represent this particular interesting place through my work, in an distinct and particular aesthetic manner.

I am concerned here, to show and express a suspicion about the design of public spaces. Almost as the notion of the big society has become in-vogue in common language. I am here looking at the very fundamental ‘nature’ of public spaces and what they represent to the individual and what has been done to the notion of nature at all.