The Internationalists – And their plan to outlaw war.

Just received this beautiful hardbacked #book: ‘The Internationalists – and their plan to outlaw War’.
A book with a controversial premise.
I do love my books, but this one deserves a thorough read; hopefully i’ll complete this one!
I’d never even heard of the ‘Paris Peace Pact’ before; but then again, i’m not historically gifted.

“The Old World Order also granted immunities to those who waged war-in effect, authorizing mass homicide. If an ordinary person killed another outside of was, it was a murderous crime. If an army killed thousands during a war, it was not only lawful but glorious.”

Just a fascinating introduction.

I have not read this book, but I am sure it will prove interesting. Not least because of the seeming link between today’s outrageous crimes and wars and their effect on individual civilians and noncombatants.

  • The Pact being investigated is The Paris Peace Pact of 1928.


-To Be Continued-


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