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‘Scandalous Forgiveness’

These documentary photographs were taken within Clonard Monastery, to record the exhibition by WAVE trauma centre, today, as part of the ‘4 Corners Festival (Bringing people together)’: ‘Scandalous Forgiveness’ and Towards a Forgiving City (Reflecting with grace and thanksgiving).

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Architecture of Culture; #CNBX.

#cnbx @culturenightbel 21st September 2018.

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of exhibiting ‘Vernazza’ Italy in @establishedcoffee , as part of culture night. Along side great photographs from @belfastphotofactory .

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Shots from: Berlin, Germany 2018.

18 Shots from: Berlin, Germany 2018.

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Crumlin Road Courthouse study


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Intuition – what is it (within Art practice)?

What is the role of intuition in Art/Photographic practice for me?

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The Internationalists – And their plan to outlaw war.

Just received this beautiful hardbacked #book: ‘The Internationalists – and their plan to outlaw War’. A book with a controversial premise. I do love my books, but this one deserves a thorough read; hopefully i’ll complete this one! I’d never even heard of the ‘Paris Peace Pact’ before; but then again, i’m not historically gifted.

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Creative Destruction.

In the last in a series of posts to this site, I want to write about a concept of creative practice and art in general. An approach called creative destruction.

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Carl von Clausewitz, On War: ‘Total War & total Genius’; Light reflections [On the nature of Genius].

The concept or phrase ‘Total War’ came to me through Carl von Clausewitz, and his book called; On War.