Insight & Organisation; Understanding & Comprehension.

Swans in a pond.

If we were given the powers to organise ourselves in society (which I think that we are), what is the ultimate way to organise our selves?

Today, in the UK we generally live in an information society. As such the study and love of language has for me has become key to understanding much about the meaning of daily life and people in particular.

When I was deeply ill, I was experiencing the world around me from the perspective of someone who was a little “OCD”, or just a little obsessive about the organisation of people in the world. In effect my thoughts at the time, were quite clear; I believed to an extreme degree that EVERYTHING was ordered and coordinated to the Nth degree.

Crucially, the organisation of the world and people around me was outside of my control, the majority of the time.

Though I did believe I could directly influence the weather with my thoughts at one point!

But in a clear-cut way the organisation of the world was all something of a human game. A game in which the world around me could be organised by humans and for humans.

This is I believe quite a special insight of mine now. For, during a process of psychosis, when it is happening it really is happening! In a real and tangible way my idea of the world around me was one of all-empowering control over the environment in a paranoid and excessive way (who knows now, but it could have been an reaction to my genuine sense of disempowerment from society in general), strangely that environment included me!

But, in any case the idea of organisation has now gained special significance for me. Even if this interest has not been fully realised. I have since lost a sense of empowerment over small/medium size entities that such be organised in ones’ life, the likes of which I will not go into (as they are quite personal).

So, needless to say the playing of something like a musical instrument has special pleasure and power for me now. Skill, even mastery, of a musical object/instrument, which can be at once pleasing to the senses and provide even a sense of accomplishment for the musician is something which was lacking in my mastery of the world, in my past.

Perhaps because I was uncontrollably seeking to master something outside of my powers, I was at the time very much out of my depth. And seeking to attain the ‘comprehension’ of the universe.

This I feel, is where I gain re-access to humanity. And religion and science and Art and all the academic subjects I once loved will all my power and vitality.

Understanding the cosmos, the universe and all of life, has, it is widely known, been the main driver for mankind for millennia. Comprehension of the organised world is nothing new for humanity, but it’s attainment is still the great unknown.

Comprehension of the world through the limits of our language can be both exhilarating and testing. But I think it is a genuinely good place to start, using language, to understand the world and the organisation it holds. It may take a full-lifetime to comprehend or a near death experience for some, but comprehension must be the ultimate goal in life.





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