A succession of non-start’s.


‘Today I had the privilege of talking to someone kind’.

I have been a little out of sorts recently, with a little more energy or enthusiasm than usual, I can actually find room to think in doing things I love again.

Hear I’m listening to some brilliant Music by, Kiasmos. It’s a little trancey a little classical and very relaxing.

I can find myself enjoying the little things in life, more and more. This music thing, while not a ‘phase’ of mine, is actually therapeutic. Not that I need much therapy at present, I don’t, but it helps me nonetheless.

Here, I recorded another set of guitar instrumentals for the site, called: ‘a succession of non-start’s’:


With these tracks, I am simply trying to free up some time to think about music and things in general.

If music has a purpose for me, it is to do just this free up some time to think – clearly.




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