Loss of a loved one from your life can be difficult, hard to put it mildly.

From a perspective of ‘gain’ in a relative sense, I can say that loss and the grief that follows can be a wholly traumatic experience. 


Engagement with something, anything, has got to be the most powerful thing in our world. To be engaged in-something or with-someone, for example, is all we really need. The deepest of human bonds are engagements with significant others in our lives. To live a meaningful existence, I have personally found this to be the trueContinue reading “Engagement”

Being Humane.

Being humane is the most important aspect of the human condition that I am aware of. At this point in my life; I am well aware of the differences between individuals in this world.

Amos Oz

Book commentary; Jews and Words, by Amos Oz & Fania Oz-Salzberger.   Jews and Words is a wonderful wonderfully written book on/regarding what the title directly suggests, the relationship between Words and the Jews.