Being Humane.

Being humane is the most important aspect of the human condition that I am aware of. At this point in my life; I am well aware of the differences between individuals in this world.

As a consequence I must view the humane among us as the most interesting and ‘belonging’ among us. I can bring myself to love most individuals in this life, and as a result I can and have the privilege of distinguishing between those I know; that is not clumping them together as groups!

In a certain manner, the love of those humane is based on the language used by certain people. But even more importantly I can say I love certain personality characteristics in question.

The language used is generally very understanding and their manner approachable. As an individual Ii would love to class myself as being humane, I can be compassionate to an excessive degree. But those would I speak of are also excessive in their compassion and understanding, but in a more important way than myself, they are superb at showing compassion to those new to their world and new to them!

Now – the title is multi-layered in the sense that ‘being humane’ is not just an act of the individual, but also a statement of superlative understanding of humanity in general.

For example: I have a (detached) love of philosophy and the philosophy of Heidegger in particular. ‘Being and Time’ is/was one of his more central books. Within it he writes of being, in a very particular way: in respect of [a being’s] temporal or historical character¹. This book examines to an excessive degree this aspect of life, and the consequences of living in our world.

Humane, is a concept/word which makes me think of another great author anti-typical of Heidegger in many respects. Hannah Arendt² takes the humane view of history that each individual is destined to show/express his/her will or way of life in a way that heightens the social life of others in general.

On another level, those like me to a degree, who have found humane people in their lives, I feel we should find ourselves privileged.



















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