Amos Oz

Book commentary; Jews and Words, by Amos Oz & Fania Oz-Salzberger.


Jews and Words is a wonderful wonderfully written book on/regarding what the title directly suggests, the relationship between Words and the Jews.

Written by Amos Oz and his daughter Fania-Oz-Salzberger, this book has a simple premise; both authors are Jewish, but certainly secular Israeli Jews as well.

The book is a delight even on the outside, the photo used is of two leather chairs on a regular size and the other small, but they sit well together!

The Jews, it simply states, are a word based religion; they practice their faith and religion on the word given to them in the hebrew bible, the Torah and many other important books.

But, as illuded to above, the word which the jews venerate are not only for the religious among them, but for the secular jewish people also.

“Framing the discussion within such topics as continuity, women, timelessness, and individualism,…” the authors have produced a book which grabs the attention for all these humane reasons and more. It is a beautiful book, and well worth a read.

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