Beyond Dialogue & Silence, towards a limitless future.

Derry/Londonderry, Peace Bridge - detail
Cathedral Road re: 14th August 1969
Army Boots.
Shankill Road, Belfast.
Donegal Corridor, Belleek.
Stormont (Parliament Buildings).
Sightseeing Excursion, Belfast
Families. Lives.
Through the Fog.
Omagh Bomb (Memorial Garden).
Peace Wall/Gates, Belfast.
Titanic (Slipways), Belfast.
H&W Shipyards.
Troubles survivor, West Belfast scene.
Butterfly Sculpture, Armagh.

‘The Peace-Time Work’

My work has never been Political, but rather, at best i have used activism in a visual photographically sensitive way. A way to create dialogue and openness through the medium of photography. ‘Beyond Dialogue and Silence; towards a limitless future’ is my latest project.

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