Northern Italy Journey.


Being in Milan was highly interesting. It is a wonderful City. While it is known for it’s fashion and it’s Art, I went dressed in fashion (All-Saints) and admired it’s Architecture. On one of my main days there, I travelled on foot through the old streets, steeped in history; from the main railway station: MilanoContinue reading “Milano”

Dance Music

Listening to dance music, is certainly energetic for me, especially when I am drinking good coffee: I’m listening to a golden oldie from Armin Van Buuren titled; A State of Trance 550. Excellent stuff! I went to A State of Trance in 2013 in Den Bosch, Holland. It was really some experience, I hardly gotContinue reading “Dance Music”

Labyrinth project, post #2

labyrinth [lab–uh-rinth]  Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on noun 1. an intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult tofind one’s way or to reach the exit. Synonyms: maze, network, web. 2. a maze of paths bordered by high hedges, as in a park or garden, forthe amusement of those who search for a way out. 3. a complicated or tortuous arrangement, as of streets or buildings. Synonyms: warren, maze, jungle, snarl, tangle, knot.

Labyrinth project

The labyrinth grew out of my love of Fine Arts and photography over the years. Fine art for me is the best subject under the sun, for all it’s variety, intuition, social engagement and most of all creativity. Now, I studied Fine Arts at degree level, concentrating on ‘lens-based-media’, while studying for a City andContinue reading “Labyrinth project”

Facts about site:

This site has been intentionally designed in a Labyrinthine structure – elaborate or not – perhaps it is a mind of it’s own. This particular site arrangement, is intended to provide a visual route to escape. There is always a way out of the maze, there are links throughout & as such there is still hope!