Still Life (Orange with Leaves).

Seems to me that the dream of unity in #Ireland has disappeared with #Brexit. And as a broad-nationalist in the North i/we have had and continue to be unrepresented. I wonder what politics can spring for my people again? Not represented by the #DUP or #Sinnfein etc….

By Kevin Doherty Art

Born: 1981, Belfast, N. Ireland + Commercial Printer + Trained Photographer + Fine Art Painter, (First Class BA (Honours), Ulster University) Graduate + Artistically minded +


  1. That’s a beautiful picture and I was so struck by the simplicity and harmony of those shapes and colours that I clicked ‘like’ before reading the text.
    Having done so I now see the symbolism in the colours.
    More than that, I sympathise with your sentiments and fears. Here I am in England, a Brit who deplores the historic error of Brexit and regrets how in their excitement over Brexit many English have not grasped the consequences for Ireland.
    Back to your photo: it’s a very pleasing composition.

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