Here is one of the most recent photographic images I had placed in an exhibition, in the Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast in 2016, as part of Mental Health recovery project here.

Recently re-found, this image is particularly interesting for me. It was taken in the Belfast Castle, during the Christmas period, 2015. It depicts; a jarring composition of a table, stacked chairs and complimenting picture on the wall of hay stacks in a field.

I have labeled/titled this picture as ‘Stacks’. But the image goes much deeper than the title alone.

  • Why was the left composition for this image left were it was (in a Belfast Castle function room)?
  • Who set up the material for the image (the chairs and table were left like this in the open public room)?
  • Was the image on the wall consciously instructive for the individual setting the things aside, or was it something not distinctively thought through?
  • How far does this practice of ‘setting-up’ have in the contemporary urban world….conscious .v. unconscious framing of things?



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