On Integrity

Integrity is a crucial thing, that should never be messed with in/by an individual Artist.

Or, is this the case at all. In the context of art I think that integrity should be interrogated as often as necessary. Why, you may ask, should the integrity of something like art be interrogated at all; were, often the integrity of the artist is what is at stake in today’s world.

In a way I would like to sound silly or childish for a while. But, art should ask questions and therefore not assume control or higher ground, to allow for the replies to flow afterwards. I’m trying here to say that to be playful is key in artistic practice; for example if I am too serious or severe, nothing will get created!

Therein the case for and against integrity is distilled. I was once very playful and even expert in my art practice, when I was engaged in it 24/7. But now, I am only able to dabble in art really; I understand and read little theory in art practice these days. Personally I just feel the will to create something at times, and then I just go for it.

My integrity is tested every time I create for others, when really (sometimes) I must just create art for me first!

Integrity is challenged by silence; and in this way we become critical of ourselves & our own beloved creations. KD.

Silence has been another interest of mine, in a literary way. I have as a result of this realisation in art, that I have been seeking answers (crucially) not questions in Religion and the association it has with silence in prayer for example.

Therefore, in essence there is a fine line created when art has been produced, with regards to the integrity of the artist and their own creation; in the minds of the viewers at least.

When one receives no criticism of their art they be critical of it themselves, this in itself is negative. When social media portrays the impression open ended and endless communication, silence and communication come to loggerheads, which itself can be soul damaging.

Culture has a lot to answer for really, in this respect, when creation by the individual is looked down on, and the integrity is questioned!

Our culture, elevate certain spheres of art, like poetry for pure example. I love poetry for it opens doors in the world through language that other art forms can/do only attempt to do.

(Therein lies a solution: (Visual) Art and poetry can be a device of damage limitation, for the integrity of Art!)

In a sense it has occurred to me, that Art must actually relate to life.

  • Here I am a little charmer¹…. for this solution is nothing new, just newly associated with integrity.
  • What does integrity mean, in Art?
  • Does it mean wholeness. What does wholeness mean. for me it means something in the realm of Ancient Greece!
  • Therefore am I creating a context for integrity and wholeness.
  • Is all Art that’s appreciated need to be ‘cult-like’?
  • I don’t know! ♥
  • Art is inextricably linked to psychology. In the sense that lightness and darkness can be seen as sentiments in both.

Who is this article aimed towards? Perhaps 18-25 y.o’s. (As this is the age I arrested my own artistic development)…


Must go, The Smiths are singing….




-To Be Continued-




¹ Listening to The Smiths, ‘This charming man’, while I write.


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