Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Being in Milan was highly interesting. It is a wonderful City. While it is known for it’s fashion and it’s Art, I went dressed in fashion (All-Saints) and admired it’s Architecture.

On one of my main days there, I travelled on foot through the old streets, steeped in history; from the main railway station: Milano Centrale. From near there I walked for two hours in the blistering heat and sun to find Milan’s Duomo.

Using sat nav and Google Maps I found it. But not before I took this picture in the central shopping centre known for it’s high end fashion shops and Gucci designer fashions.

Note: I love making pictures. Full-stop.

I am falling in love with web-design also.



By Kevin Doherty Art

Born: 1981, Belfast, N. Ireland + Commercial Printer + Trained Photographer + Fine Art Painter, (First Class BA (Honours), Ulster University) Graduate + Artistically minded +

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