Labyrinth project

The labyrinth grew out of my love of Fine Arts and photography over the years. Fine art for me is the best subject under the sun, for all it’s variety, intuition, social engagement and most of all creativity.

Now, I studied Fine Arts at degree level, concentrating on ‘lens-based-media’, while studying for a City and Guilds in Photography. I obtained a First Class (Hons) degree in Fine and Applied Arts from Ulster University in 2003.

Creativity in general and Art in particular was my ‘first love’. I was in a horrible place mentally, during my adolescence experimenting with everything and liking nothing after falling out with most of my ‘friends’ when I was sixteen.

Art saved me, along with a wonderful young girl at the time. But getting involved in Art and Design while at tech was a life saver for me. Something I would later on in my life, try to instill in perfect youngsters in a Montessori School. And in my work.

This is an overview of my new project: The Labyrinth.


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