“Testing testing 123…”

This is a track I just need to get out there, for people to have a listen.

I have played guitar now for over twenty years, on and off. This track is the culmination of all my efforts and one of the most melodic tracks I have produced on my guitar and my little Sony dictaphone, please forgive the sound quality of this/these productions!

I just love to play my guitar which is as a matter of fact entirely self taught, i’ve only received a few minor lessons on the basics of cords from an uncle many years ago; so, if I can do this on a only guitar, anyone can play a musical instrument.

The photograph used from the cover of this posting on my site, is from Pisa, Italy. I travelled there this year on a solo journey around northern Italy. It was fab!

I just love the way the immaculate statue has a large gaping chip on it’s left arm. When I was taking the snap, I was drawn to this detail of the sculpture.

Please feel free to look over my photographs from Pisa and Italy in general on this site!

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