Two Paintings.

Detail from: Untitled, with a Photograph
Oil Painting No. 1: Love.
Untitled, with a Photograph.
Oil Painting No. 2: Untitled, with a Photograph.

Above are two very recent but entirely differing Painting’s I have made using canvas and Oil Paint.

The first: ‘Love’, was created with a brand new painting brush 2 inches thick.

Using multiple layers of paint of the same consistency, but different colours, it was painted in a very uniform and relaxed way, to highlight the tones and shade of brown, green and yellow used in it’s composition.


The second: ‘Untitled, with a Photograph’, was created using a more experimentalist style; droppings of Oil Paint onto the canvas and a wide range of painters brushes and spatulas’ to work the multiple layers of Oil paint onto the canvas, to create a semblance of composition – with a Photograph (of Saint Marks Square, Venice).

The paint’s were applied at different times and periods during this composition, as the paint was dropped onto the canvas, straight from the paint tube – then different brushes were employed to form different lines and patterns throughout the canvas.

The excess of paint from the spatula was applied to the photograph of Saint Mark’s square, Venice, almost, as the by-product of the painting process.




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